About the Association of UK activity Centres

The Association of UK Activity Centres is a membership organisation for the not for profit, private and public sector activity centre providers. Those joining the AUKAC agree to abide by the Code of Practice and are committed to the values and principles of the association.

The aims of the AUKAC are:

  • to promote and develop best practice, safety standards, quality and value
  • to facilitate collective opportunities to promote centres
  • to encourage and support employment initiatives
  • to encourage and provide opportunities for CPD and training
  • to promote health and wellbeing through access to centres and activities
  • to provide services for the benefit of members and associated communities.
  • to encourage and support members of the ASGC
  • to be a voice for the association, campaigning on issues that affect members.

The aims will primarily be achieved by:

  • adopting appropriate delivery methods, safety standards and sharing best practice
  • providing service levels and standards
  • providing a quality standard and value measured by customer feedback and complaints procedures
  • participating in collective initiatives
  • providing access to HR and legal services
  • providing support for recruitment and training
  • sharing resources and applicable information with members
  • engaging in and contributing to a centre inspection scheme
  • representation to appropriate national bodies

Background to the Association

The AUKAC has been closely involved with the not for profit and Active Leisure sector for many years working within the Association of Scout and Guide Centres as well as some local authority and independent centres. It was formed by established activity centre representatives as a way to collectively develop opportunities and support centre staff in the development and provision of their activity centres.

Within the Active Leisure and Learning Sector there is an absence of specific legislation and the AUKAC is committed to advancing standards whilst giving due consideration to the ability of its members to not only develop their centres and resources but also work towards agreed criteria.