Codes and Standards

The AUKAC is dedicated to promoting best practice, safety, quality and value, members voluntarily accept and agree to abide by this Code of Practice.

The AUKAC Code of Practice has standards for:

  • Documentation
  • Administration and registration
  • Customer service
  • H.R systems and processes
  • Recruitment, training and qualifications
  • Operational management
  • Safety & Security
  • Activities
  • Health and safety
Centres are required to carry out a routine periodic self assessment checks against the code and certify that they meet or exceed the standards required. Where applicable, for the delivery of activities, generic standards are included and members are expected to achieve or exceed these. These standards are consistent with NGB guidelines where applicable.

AUKAC membership indicates to customers that members have a range of measures in place to provide centres operating best practice, safety, quality and value.

Download a full copy of the Codes of Practice


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The AUKAC does not warrant, guarantee or ensure that compliance with any standards will prevent any or all injury or loss that may be caused by or associated with any person’s use of facilities, equipment or participation in any activities that are the subject of these standards; nor does the AUKAC assume any responsibility or liability for any such injury or loss.

The AUKAC expressly disclaims any responsibility, liability or duty to members, members’ personnel and to members’ customers and their families, or any such liability arising out of injury or loss to any person by the failure of members or members’ personnel to adhere to these standards.