Memberships and how to join

An AUKAC membership gives you more than just credibility and recognition – it connects you to a community of professionals within the sector who are passionate about delivering quality and safety.

The AUKAC offers you an unrivalled range of benefits that can help you develop yourself, your career and your centre, so take a couple of minutes to find out how to get the most from joining.

Any centre, whether private, commercial, voluntary or state-run, whose main activity is providing adventure activities can apply. Acceptance for full membership is subject to the completion of a self certification that the centre meets the standards (this may be subject to a routine verification inspection by a full member centre).  

Full membership:
This level of membership says more about he professional standing of your centre and the ability to deliver consistent standards. It also offers the opportunity to increase the marketability of your centre through the charter and collective marketing campaigns, such as advertisements, wide distribution of flyers and circulation of mailing lists etc.

Associate membership:
This is for organisations and bodies which do not currently meet the criteria for full membership but have considerable involvement or interest in outdoor activities and or wish to progress to full membership.

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Introduction Letter
Application Form

Code of Practice